The 4 Aesthetics of Flat Design


The art of Flat Design is trending since a couple of years as some popular creative industries have already redesigned the visuals of their products and services to follow the art-of-the-state no—it’s probably called state-of-the-art—type of design. It is just like Apple did with the GUI of its new iOS 7 and Microsoft acquired it as well for its Windows and Windows Phone 8.

Today I am going to tell you the most common aesthetics of Flat Design.

  1. Minimalism
  2. Muted Colors
  3. Sans-Serif Fonts
  4. Two Dimensional


It’s all about the smart use of white or negative space so that the design content such as an icon would have some room for breathe and can stand out. It is the key reason behind the flat icons as they look simply clean and beautiful.

Muted Colors

Colors are the forefront of every design composition thus they are being used for Flat Design in a quite gentle way as muted not too much of bright as vivid tones. Flat UI Colors did a good job on their site to present a collection of 20 most widely used muted colors.

Sans-Serif Fonts

Forget about the rough serif fonts on Flat Design such as Times New Roman, the trend is come up with using smooth edges fonts. In the GUI of Apple’s iOS 7 they acquired Helvetica Neue Ultralight font in the entire new OS and for the Windows 8 the Microsoft acquired Segoe UI font style of very thin edges.

Two Dimensional

If you are a vector geek then I appreciate your judgments and yes, I am talking about 2D vector graphics here. Flat Design was intended to be created with pure vectors because of its simplicity and pixel-perfect look to present the idea of a typical flat graphic. The flat design graphic is also a good companion for large retina displays offered by Apple Inc. As way back to the interface of old iOS 6 where they were using Skeuomorphic style of graphical user interface such as a detailed graphic with some beveled effects and drop shadows to present realistic look.

Design has no limits thus the trend comes and goes. If you found some other facets of Flat Design don’t forget to mention in your comments I always look forward and love to collect creative knowledge. Best of luck!

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